Blue's Clues DVDs, Books and Videos

Blue's Clues DVDs, Books and Videos

We could play the guitar, sing some songs. What do you think Blue?

Help Steve and Joe work out what Blue wants to do. Young children love to help solve Blues Clues!

Blue's Clues is a Emmy Award-nominated children's program that is shown on Nickelodeon (in the United States), pay-tv all around the world. The show features Steve (and later Joe) trying to solve 'Blue Clues' - a series of puzzles that Blue presents. The entire show is paper-cutout animation, with Steve being the only live-action.

Solving Blue's Clues begins when the host asks Blue a question (along the lines of 'What does Blue want to do today'), and Blue will respond by jumping at the screen and leaving a big blue pawprint. The host, with the help of the audience who are constantly talked to, then looks through the house for the 3 clues left by Blue. The host will talk with the other residents of the house - characters based on common objects like a salt shaker and a mailbox - who will help him. Once all the clues have been found, Steve will sit in his 'Thinking Chair' and put the clues together to make a big picture. This picture will answer the original question, and ends the show.

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Blue's Clues DVDs, Books and Videos Lewis from Lexington on 28/Nov/2015 wrote:
Did you know that you can get Blue's Clues ice-cream? Its blue!